Why did the UK celebrate its 100th birthday on December 1?

Posted December 02, 2018 08:18:18 The UK celebrated its 100 years on December 2, with many people making the annual pilgrimage to the Royal Albert Hall. 

On December 2 the Queen delivered the Commonwealth Speech, giving a speech to Parliament in which she said the UK would remain a strong, prosperous and independent nation. 

“The UK has always been a nation of immigrants, the best of our nation, of British families and communities, who have come to enjoy the fruits of our labour and talent,” she said.

“This was always our destiny.” 

“We will never be able to be like others, or to achieve the great things we want and deserve.

But we can still achieve the things that make us proud.”

The speech came after Theresa May, the Prime Minister, announced that the UK was withdrawing from the European Union, with all the associated regulations, and that the country would leave the single market. 

The speech was widely seen as a sign that the Prime Minster was going to end the “Brexit madness”, which saw the UK’s economy collapse, and see its people leave the country. 

But critics said the speech did not go far enough.

“May was talking about leaving the single world market, but that is not what Brexit really means,” said Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, after the speech. 

He said the PM’s speech showed the Prime Ministers ambition to “make Britain great again”.

“May has not made Britain great but she has shown that she knows what it means to be great,” Mr Johnson said. 

David Cameron’s resignation was seen as the final nail in the coffin of the Conservative Party, with his defeat on the election night last year prompting calls for him to quit.

The Prime Minister said the party would be “the last to leave the EU”. 

Theresa May addresses the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London. 

It was a day that was set to see her return to the front pages of the papers. 

She made a surprise appearance in the Queen’s private residence at Buckinghamshire Palace, accompanied by a small band of aides, to mark the end of the year. 

In a surprise move, she invited a few dozen supporters to meet her in her private garden. 

And while the Queen did not address the public directly, the Queen herself gave a stirring speech to her supporters.

“Let us remember, we have not been here to be forgotten, not to be dismissed,” she told them. 

Despite the shock of her speech, the BBC reported that the Queen will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Queen’s College London next year.

The Queen will also receive an honorary degree at Westminster. 

While her speech may have seemed like a political victory for the Tories, the speech has been widely seen by many as a political embarrassment for the PM, who has faced criticism for not being more outspoken about the Brexit campaign. 

Mr Cameron said on Sunday that his party would now be focusing on how to avoid the “catastrophe of Brexit”. 

“My task as Prime Minister now is to get this country back to work and to ensure that the worst is over,” he said.

“I have a lot of work to do.” 

Mr Johnson has promised to “turn Britain into a country that is great again” and to “bring the country together again”. 

But the Prime minister will be under pressure from the Conservative party to continue her Brexit stance, after it emerged that her party has been planning to abandon the EU and rejoin the single trade zone.

Theresa Merkel, the German Chancellor, has said she will not join Britain’s exit from the EU. 

However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that she did not want to make any decisions on Brexit before she was convinced Britain could make a “better deal” for the UK. 

British voters are split on whether they want the country to remain a member of the single trading bloc. 

A YouGov poll for the BBC revealed that a slim majority of people in the UK said they wanted the country out of the EU, while a majority of those polled said they supported keeping it in. 

Some MPs have warned that the PM will be forced to resign if she does not deliver on Brexit, as it is a political “game” to see the Brexit debate as a referendum on her leadership.


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