Happy birthday to Lincoln’s birthday! Source BBC News

Happy birthday, Lincoln!

– Lincoln!

Happy birthday!

– Happy birthday song!

– Good luck to the next generation of Lincoln fans.

The song is sung by a group of fans who came to the Lincoln Memorial to sing the Lincoln Birthday Song in honor of the late president.

“I have always loved music,” said a man who wished to remain anonymous.

“It has always been an important part of my life.

I hope to be able to help out with the new Lincoln Memorial in a similar way to my dad.”

The song was written by James Brown and recorded by The Grateful Dead in 1972.

“I feel so fortunate to be singing the song today,” Brown told the BBC.

“Lincoln’s Birthday is a timeless song that has been sung and sung and written by so many people for so many years.

It’s been written by many different people, from many different eras, and it’s a song that is still loved by millions of people around the world.”

In 2012, the singer’s father, who died in 2012, died and his widow took up the guitar to sing his songs.

“He had a voice and he could sing it and I couldn’t,” said the father of six.

“He wanted to write his own songs.

And he did.”

Lincoln was a champion of the abolitionist cause, and was known as the ‘Father of the South’ and ‘Father to the People’ for his work in the Civil War.

Born on February 16, 1845, Lincoln was the youngest son of President Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Harriet.

He was born into a wealthy family in Springfield, Missouri.

In 1854, he was the fourth of five children of Thomas and Caroline Lincoln, who had been farmers.

He attended the University of Missouri and later the University in Chicago.

He was also a popular student, winning a scholarship to attend the University and graduate with a degree in music education.

Lincoln attended Oxford University in the late 1860s, and began studying law in the United States.

After graduating, he went to work as a lawyer in Washington, D.C. In 1875, he started a bar in Washington with his brother-in-law, Charles D. Brown.

By the time he retired from law, Lincoln had become a renowned lawyer, and became known for his legal skills.

He also became an advocate for abolitionist causes, such as the Underground Railroad.

He had the first slave-trading agreement in the US, but the deal ended in 1878 when President Andrew Johnson declared war on the Confederacy.

After the war, Lincoln wrote in his autobiography:”We can no longer pretend that Lincoln is the first man who saw the necessity for the abolition of slavery in America.

But his spirit and his genius have been with us ever since, and his moral strength has always held true to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.”


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