‘We are proud to be Irish’ – Irish singer on ‘biggest day in Irish history’

The Irish singer, singer, songwriter and guitarist who formed the quintet with Dave Brubeck in 1975, has told the Irish Independent that “we are proud” of the 50th anniversary celebrations, saying “it’s been a long time coming”.

“We are here in this room and we are proud of what we did.

We are not here to celebrate, but to celebrate,” said the singer, who performed on the night when Ireland hosted the Eurovision Song Contest and played a gig at a pub in Galway.

He said the band were “hugely proud” and were “always trying to be better” with the celebrations, which were “an opportunity to do something big” and “to make a big impact”.

“I think what I’ve said today is a lot more positive than a lot of people have been saying.

I think there is a sense of optimism.

It’s not just that we are Irish or that we’re a band or that I’m Irish.

It was a great opportunity to have that in Ireland, to be able to be part of something bigger than yourself.

We had a great time.

We did the Euro-vision, we played a couple of shows.

I feel very proud of the band,” said Brubeek, who died in January.

He said he was proud to have played in the hall where he was born.

“The first time I ever played it, I was 13 years old and the band came on and we played our first show at the Irish Hall in the city.”

It was a big moment.

You don’t realise how much of an impact it had on the whole city,” said he.

He has played concerts in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.

Brubeck, who won the 1976 Juno Award for Best British Singing for his rendition of “Trouble” on the first song of the Eurodance, said he would like to be remembered for his “biggest song”.”

It went to number one and I got to play it at the very last minute in England. “

I played it at a lot festivals and it was a very special song.

It went to number one and I got to play it at the very last minute in England.

It has got to be the biggest song ever played.”

Brubeek said he did not want to be defined by the Euro, but by the Irish people.

“I don’t know what’s going to be next, but I don’t care, I don, I love it.

I love Ireland,” he added.

Irish Independent


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