How to dress for your birthday, mom says

WASHINGTON — With her husband’s birthday on the horizon, a mom from Virginia says she can’t wait for her daughters’ celebrations.

“We have been thinking about it for a long time,” Jillian said of her daughters birthday party this week.

“It’s a little bit too early.”

It is.

Jillian said she and her husband are going to be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this year, but they can’t get married until a couple of months before their daughter’s party.

They’ve been planning for the party since before their son was born in February.

“I think about the birthday party every year.

I think about how it feels to be able to go out and celebrate with my family, because it’s such a special time,” she said.”

And we can have the biggest party and celebrate the fact that we are having our 10th anniversary.”

While she can be the one celebrating her girls birthday party, Jillian doesn’t plan to be alone.

She has invited all her friends and family members, and she’s even invited her daughter.

“If my daughter’s not there, then I don’t know where her birthday party is going to go,” Jilli said.

But the big surprise for Jillian and her family was when she learned that her oldest daughter has cancer.

“She’s going to have her birthday with a big party on Jan. 3.

And I thought, I guess that’s something that she really enjoys,” Jillie said.

The two have been trying to plan her birthday parties since the birth of their daughter in January.

Jillian said she’s still waiting for her birthday cake to arrive.

“The last one that I received was on Jan, 3,” she laughed.

But, Jillie has decided to take a cue from her parents and plan her own party.

“It’s not the big cake that they wanted, but it’s the party.

And it’s going down at our house,” she added.

Jelena said she was excited to get the cake and party invitations, but she said the biggest surprise was getting her daughter’s birthday cake.

“That’s the only thing I’m really nervous about,” she admitted.

“Because I have a feeling that they don’t really want me to get one, so that’s why I’m trying to get them one.”

So we’re going to see how it goes,” she promised.

Jilena said the first thing she’ll do is give the cake to her daughter, and it’s not even her birthday yet.”

But I’ll do it because it will be a surprise to them,” she joked.


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