50 years after 50th Birthday of Drake, 50 years later, he still loves the idea of birthday cakes

50 years ago, Drake’s birthday cake was the best birthday cake I ever made.

It was the first birthday cake he made, but it still feels like an accomplishment to this day.

He didn’t have a cake.

He had a birthday party.

And in celebration, he had a cake that he named after the person who had made it.

That person was the cake decorator, Jennifer Davis.

For years, she worked for the Drake family as a birthday cake decorating expert.

She was always able to make the perfect birthday cake.

And when her client, Drake, asked to make a birthday gift for her, she was thrilled.

That was the moment that she truly believed in her ability to make everything perfect.

Davis had to make sure every inch of her cake was perfect, and she took the cake from Drake’s room and placed it on a platter in front of the whole family.

When she returned to work the next day, she realized she had made a perfect birthday gift.

Drake’s son Drake was also on the same birthday list.

And Davis had an idea for a birthday present for him too.

“I think he had just gotten a new car,” Davis says.

“And he wanted to go to a birthday bash.

So I told him I’d put a birthday card in the mail and let him pick out a cake and he would bring it to the party.”

So the birthday party was born.

“He had a party in the backyard,” Davis recalls.

“There were two different cake colors, and he wanted all the cakes to have the same color.

I had to think of a new color for the birthday cake.”

It was a simple, fun, and easy birthday cake that everyone loved.

When the cake arrived at the party, the entire family celebrated with a cake making party.

Davis’ son Drake’s parents, Toni and Steve, were there as well.

And their daughter, Tracey, who was about to graduate high school, was there with her mother, Tanya.

But Davis didn’t want to celebrate a birthday with just her family and a couple of dozen guests.

Instead, she wanted to make something special for everyone to remember her.

So, she brought the birthday guests to her office and started thinking about what they would look like in a birthday picture.

And that was when the idea for her birthday cake came to life.

She decided to make one for each of her children, so that when they were older, they could remember her as the person they grew up with.

So that’s how the Drake birthday cake arrived.

“We did our research on the different birthday cakes and what they look like and then came up with the colors and the patterns,” Davis explains.

“It’s a really simple idea, and the process was really simple.

I’ve always loved the idea that I was a part of that, so I really wanted to keep it simple.”

As Davis explained, the birthday cards for the family included the names of their parents, their names, and a birthday note that Davis wrote for each.

“For us, it was just a picture of us, so there wasn’t a lot of design,” Davis laughs.

“In this day and age, that’s really what you want.”

After all, she says, people are trying to be the best, so you need to think about who they are and what their relationship is with you.

“If you’re the person you grew up loving, you want a person that’s loved and adored by them,” Davis adds.

“That’s really the essence of a birthday message.

You want to give a person the gift of the person that they’re closest to.

So a birthday letter that’s a little bit more intimate and a little more personal, a birthday greeting card that says, ‘I love you’ and a ‘thank you’ for all the good times together.”

When you look at the Drake cake today, you can see that Davis made a very special birthday cake, and it’s still a perfect match for the modern-day Drake.

Davis is so excited to share her creation with the world, and that she’s thrilled that the entire Drake family will have the opportunity to experience it.

“To have a birthday that is so special for us all is something I’ve wanted to do for so long,” Davis notes.

“As much as I want to share my cake with my family, I know that my son will have to find his own way to decorate it.”

And that’s just the beginning of her journey to celebrate her daughter’s birthday with everyone she cares about.


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