How much cake do you need for your birthday?

How much does cake need to be for a birthday party?

A little over the average, but still a bit of a shock.

Source: The Irish Press/PA Archive via Reuters/Press Association Images 1/21 What are birthday candles?

The traditional birthday candles are made of wax, often with a white, coloured, gold or blue light source The Independent 2/21 Do you need a cake?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’ll need a little help.

You’ll need to find a cake with a cake tin.

Some people even add a cake plate.

Source of Image 1: AFP/Getty Images 2/22 What’s the difference between a birthday cake and a birthday candle?

A birthday cake is made of a mixture of sugar and milk with a piece of wax attached, usually a piece with the name of the person to whom the birthday cake was given.

Source The Irish Sun/PA via Reuters 3/22 Why are birthday cakes so expensive?

Because they’re traditionally made of cake, rather than wax.

The cakes are typically decorated with flowers and the candles usually contain sugar and cocoa powder.

A cupcake costs around €2.50 and a loaf of bread between €1 and €3.

Source AFP/Reuters 4/22 Do you get a cake at the party?

No, you need to get a birthday birthday cake at your birthday party.

You can get a Birthday Cake Tins or a Birthday Candle Set from the local bakery.

They can be delivered by post or online.

Source Reuters/PA 5/22 Can you get cake and candles at the same time?

Yes, you can.

A Birthday Cake Set can also be purchased separately, which can be bought from the bakery for €3 and a Birthday Box can be purchased from the party host for €1.

Source Getty Images 6/22 How do birthday candles work?

Birthday candles use sugar and wax to create the illusion of a birthday gift, and are then placed in a tin or a loaf tin to create a birthday box.

It takes a couple of hours to create, and it can cost around €6.50 to get your birthday cake.

Source EPA 7/22 Which of these birthday candles do you prefer?

A traditional birthday candle is made from a mixture, often a piece made with the person’s name, to which you add a piece containing the name to the birthday birthday candles.

Source ABC News 8/22 Is there a limit to how many birthday candles can be on a cake in one year?


A birthday candle can last for up to six months.

However, the birthday candles have a limit of three candles per person.

It’s recommended that the number of birthday candles be reduced in the event of a large number of people coming to the party.

Source Bloomberg via Getty Images 9/22 Are birthday candles good for the eyes?

Yes they can.

The candles will create an artificial glow when placed in the eye, and will give a nice effect to the eye.

Source AP/PA 10/22 Have a birthday celebration?

The most popular way to celebrate a birthday is with cake and balloons.

Source AAP/PA 11/22 Does a birthday cupcake have to be baked?


A cake and cupcake can be baked on the spot.

Source PA 12/22 If you can’t get your cake and candle set from the baker, do you have to wait until after the party to get them?

No because birthday candles take a lot of time to make.

Source BBC/Reuters 13/22 Will I have to buy birthday candles again?

You will have to pay for them again, depending on when the party was held.

If you have not received a birthday candles within a year, you will be asked to pay again.

You will also have to put on a birthday mask at the time of the party, and you will need to bring along a birthday plate or a cake box.

You may have to leave your birthday candles at home, or you can send them to the garda station.

Source REUTERS/Reuters 14/22 Should you use a birthday balloon instead of a cake for a party?

There are some rules about birthday balloons.

First, they cannot be placed on a table.

Second, they must be at least one metre tall.

Lastly, they are not allowed to be put inside a cake.

A picture of the birthday balloons used at the Royal Wedding, and their owners, can be seen here.

It has been estimated that more than 10 million birthday balloons were made.

They cost around £50 and were made by a company called Gourmet.

This picture of one of the balloons can be found here.

The picture can be viewed here.

15/22 Who is responsible for a child who falls ill?

The person or organisation responsible for the child is the person who took the child to hospital, not the person responsible for putting up the birthday party, said the CPS. They may


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